Introducing Australian Tuli from Hartwood Farm – Riverview QLD.

This is a revolution in the provision of Tuli genetics and science to the Australian Beef Industry.

The brain child of Jack and Jacinta Milbank, both 3rd Generation cattle producers: Jack grew up in Zimbabwe on a cattle property producing Tuli, Beefmaster, Mashona, Brahman and Charolais. Jacinta grew up in Tamworth on the family farm producing Herefords, wheat and sheep. Both attended the University of Queensland’s Gatton Campus and graduated with Bachelors of Applied Science in crops and rangelands. Jack and Jacinta have spent the last 20 years working in Horticultural agronomy and pasture management, craft beer production, biostimulant manufacturing, analytical service provision and farm software development. Jack is a 2006 Nuffield Scholar and is still heavily involved in rolling out their SaaS product, AgPro in USA, Japan, Australia and Southern Africa; Much of the tech adopted by AgPro is tested and ground-truthed/common-sense checked on Hartwood Farm, including the use of Ceres Tags with data managed on the AgPro Grazier platform.

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