We have assembled the largest collection of pure bred Tuli bloodlines in Australia from the broadest collection of tropically adapted Tuli genetics in the world outside of Southern Africa and have a comprehensive F1 Breeding program. In addition to the foundation Tuli genetics of high performing animals hand picked by CSIRO scientists in Zimbabwe, we have complimented this with Australian develops since this initial import including Terraweena, Riverview & Tremere Bloodlines across 16 Bulls.

The principal aim of the Terrific Tuli project is to showcase how the breeds’ proven characteristics of:

  1. fertility
  2. heat tolerance,
  3. parasite resistance,
  4. feed conversion and
  5. docility

contribute to the profitability potential of selected cross- breeds through targeted, specific, data driven, technology backed and closely monitored breeding for superior all round performance in tropical and arid environments. It is widely regarded that the Tuli  are a superior choice for tropical production while Milbank and his partners in the Terrific Tuli project believe that careful cross-breeding will additionally lead to a superior quality of meat being produced that in time will earn it SupaBeef status.

Hartwood Farm has successfully secured pedigree breeding stock from some of Australia’s most reputable studs.

  1. Sandra Jane Speckle Park
  2. Pacan Murray Grey
  3. Greenwood Park Red Angus
  4. Clay Gully Simmental
  5. Aisthorpe and Meridan Blonde d’Aquitaine
  6. BJF Limousin
  7. Mountainview Charolais
  8. 3D Wagyu

These breeders are run in parallel to the pure Tuli herd and participate in a Fixed Time AI program. Commencement of a Tuli Embryo Transfer program under the guidance of Udo Mahane of Embryo Life, from proven pure breeders that have undergone genomic verification will commence in Feb 2022 to rapidly accelerate the availability of breeding stock in Australia. Semen has been screened, tested and selected from polled bulls in which morphology, motility and density results have an acceptable LNPM Score for use by Hartwood Farm in the project.

HARTWOOD SABI S2 – MURULI Sire: Terraweena Zangu Dam : Pacan Muriel

The Inaugural Australian Tuli Bull Sale will take place on Friday 13th October 2023. contact us to reserve a place at the table. In the meantime you can follow your bull from pre-conception all the way through to sale day on AgPro Grazier. All Australian Tuli animals are Registered with and managed on AgPro Graziers SupaBeef Portal.

Hartwood’s extensive semen collection started with Zungani, who was the first Tuli bull exported to North America from Australia. His parents Kikame and Insiza were shipped as frozen embryos from Zimbabwe to Australia. These embryos were produced from an elite group of Tuli cattle that were collected by CSIRO scientists, including Dr. John Frisch, a renown tropical beef cattle geneticist (video on About Page). Later, according to USDA-MARC research studies involving AI use of Tuli bulls from Australia, revealed that Kikame had a 98% score for unassisted calvings and 91% of his Tuli X Angus F1 calves graded Choice or Prime. Zungani was sold in a CSIRO dispersal sale as an embryo to Riverview Tuli Stud. As a two year-old, he was purchased by two ranchers and shipped from Australia to Texas. At Lukefahr Ranch, Zungani has consistently sired light-weight calves and with lots of vigor at birth. His daughters consistently have strong maternal instincts, superb udders and small teats, gentle dispositions, and good body condition.

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