Register as a Producer

You can now register and mange your herd on AgPro Graziers Supabeef Platform and includes the ability to submit genomic samples to NeoGen, Feed Samples to your choice of lab, Soil and pasture samples to Novum, record your BreedPlan compatible phenotype records, map your farm, track your stock with E-tags, communicate and share data withContinue reading “Register as a Producer”

Focus on Feed

LotononisĀ  Lotononis bainesiiĀ BakerĀ [Fabaceae]found all over Hartwood Farm and a great addition to our multi-species approach to encourage perennial legumes. Amphinomia bainesii (Baker) A. Schreiber, Listia bainesii (Baker) B.-E. van Wyk & Boatwr.Feed categories   Legume forages   Forage plants Related feed(s) Description  Lotononis (Lotononis bainesii Baker) is a perennial herb from tropical and subtropical regions, valuable for pasture due to its quality and toleranceContinue reading “Focus on Feed”

Welcome to the home of Tuli Cattle in Australia

We are excited to be introducing Riverview Tuli’s to the Australian Beef Industry. Following decades of breeding and adaptation to Australian conditions initiated by CSIRO and continued by Riverview Tuli’s, the next generation of premium Tuli genetics is available. We at Hartwood Farm in Queensland are bringing a fresh Tech approach to genetic selection, testing,Continue reading “Welcome to the home of Tuli Cattle in Australia”

The most comprehensive selection of Tuli Genetics in Australia

Choose from over 12 Tuli bulls We are making an unprecedented investment in compiling certified Riverview Tuli semen straws. Every batch is DNA sequenced to 5000 base pairs by certified laboratories and PMMN certified by our Veterinarian team. Contact us today to discuss the merits of adding Tuli genetics to your herd.

Introducing Australian Tuli from Hartwood Farm – Riverview QLD.

This is a revolution in the provision of Tuli genetics and science to the Australian Beef Industry. The brain child of Jack and Jacinta Milbank, both 3rd Generation cattle producers: Jack grew up in Zimbabwe on a cattle property producing Tuli, Beefmaster, Mashona, Brahman and Charolais. Jacinta grew up in Tamworth on the family farmContinue reading “Introducing Australian Tuli from Hartwood Farm – Riverview QLD.”