Australian Tuli

Why you will love tuli’s

There has never been a better time to enhance your herd with tropically adapted Australian Tuli Genetics.

  • Heat Tolerance
  • Hybrid Vigour
  • Unrivalled Fertility
  • Exceptionally Docile
  • Highly Marbled Meat
  • Extensive parasite resistance
  • Scientifically managed
  • Genetically vertified
  • Great feed efficiency

Our breeding goals are focused on fertility and functionality, while retaining the natural traits of the Tuli breed. These natural traits are inherently liked to adaptability of the breed and ability to reproduce under extreme drought conditions. The docile temperament, easy calving and naturally polled characteristics make the Tuli bred an exceptionally easy – care cattle breed. The ultimate breeding goal is to breed animals that enables farmers to farm in harmony with nature that contributed to the regenerative capacity of their operations and the satisfaction of their customers. The best way to achieve this is through optimal beef yield per hectare from grassland on which animals that are highly fertile and tropically adapted to extreme conditions can thrive.  We love breeding genetics that will enable producers and their land to thrive for generations.


Premium Tuli Bulls and F1 Tuli crosses are produced by Certified studs via a detailed program managed by a world leading Veterinarian team together with Smart Farm Technology to manage the herd safely, humandely, and scientifically.

We have a selection of Tuli Embryo’s available – Prior to joining, all our bull semen is tested to evaluate the cell density, morphology and motility per straw. All progeny are 50k DNA profiled and tracked with Ceres Tags. Full Animal history is stored on AgPro.

We work with leading Agronomists, data partners and researchers to provide a comprehensive data set on each animal from our genomics to movement studies.

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The approach being taken at Hartwood Farm to scientifically validate functional traits from enhanced scientific testing and attention to detail is what is needed in evaluating suitability of Tuli genetics.

If you are running cattle in a hostile environment, with limited feed resources, then you need Tuli genetics in your herd.

Jack Milbank - Nuffield Scholar

The Tuli-crossed calves weaned 75% more pound of calf per cow exposed than Brahman: 53% more than Angus and 21% more than Senepole. This points to the efficiency, productivity, and adaptability of the Tuli.

Dr. Bill Holloway - Texas A&M

Verified 2 yr old Tuli Bulls Available from November 2022


Australian Tuli Bull Sires